C4 Table by Chef Colin Hazama

Upscale comfort food by Chef Colin Hazama! Here is the menu, available for pre-order for Tuesday, Aug. 11:

Caramel Star Anise Roast Chicken
Braised Leeks, Aromatic Forbidden Rice, Charred Garlic Baby Bok Choy

Jasmine Tea Scented Steamed Catch
Shiitake Mushrooms , Choi Sum,Lemongrass Pandan Rice, Ginger Watercress Pesto

Malaysian Beef Rendang
Indonesian Spices, Ho Farms Long Beans, Crispy Cassava, Pickled Chili’s, Toasted Coconut, Lemongrass Aromatic Rice

Smoked Hamachi Soba Salad
Sumida Farms Watercress, Ikurazuke, Tsukemono, Kamaboko, Bonito Flakes,Ginger Yuzu Tsuyu Dressing 

Kiawe Smoked Pork Belly Bacon Bao Bun
Black Pepper Jam, Apple Fennel Kim Chee 
Cilantro (4 Pc)


Lavender Herb Smoked
Sea Salt
$6 (4 oz) $10 (8 oz)
Li Hing Lemon Peel
Gummy Bears
$6 (8 oz)
Apple Fennel Kim Chee
$8 (12 oz)
Housemade Chili Dill
Ho Farms Pickles
$8 (12 oz)
Nana’s Kim Chee Clam Dip

Pre-order by 6 pm Monday Aug. 10 by texting (808) 922-1910 or clicking here to email Chef Colin Hazama

Cash, Venmo (@chefcolinhazama)

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