Any Kine Snax

Wendy of Any Kine Snax will be offering a variety of goods, from freeze-dried Skittles and Creamsicles to water bottles and no-touch door openers. See below for what will be offered this week at the market.

Farmer’s Market Special: Buy 2 x large bags
of freeze-dried Skittles,  get a BONUS 2 oz bag
of freeze dried wild berry Skittles!

Freeze-Dried Treats

Small bags $5 each or 5 small bags for $20
– 2 oz freeze dried Skittles: original, wild berry, sour, and yogurt flavor covered
– 2 oz freeze dried mini Sweet Tarts: berries and cherries
– 20 pcs Hi Chews: acai, grape, green apple, mango, and strawberry
– 6 pcs cheesecake **recommend pre-order**
– Single ice cream sandwich **recommend pre-order**

Large bags $10 each or buy 2 large bags, get 2 oz freeze dried wild berry skittles
– 5 oz freeze dried Skittles: original and wild berry
– 2-pack freeze dried creamsicles **recommend pre-order**
– 2-pack ice cream sandwiches **recommend pre-order**

TerraWash Hawaii

Wash your clothes without detergent! Each pouch is reusable for 365 washes.|
1 pouch $50
5 pack $250
10 pack $500

Find more details at

Special for the market: free tote with purchase of a Terra Wash!

Special for the market: Free tote with purchase of a Terra Wash!

Other Items Available

– Metal No Touch Openers: Pack of 5 for $20
– Shaka Button Pushers: $5 each or 5 for $20
– Penny Kine Game $20
– Mark your cup wood box $15 each or 2 for $25
– 3d printed toothpaste squeezers made my 5th grader: $3 each or 2 for $5

Clear Acrylic Puzzles
– 25 piece 5″x5″: $10 each
– no edge: $12
– broken glass 10″x10″: $25 (clear), $30 (color acrylic)

Garden Stakes
– wood: $1 each
– extra large wood: $2 each
– acrylic: $2 each

Click here to email or text 808-772-7428
by the Friday before the market

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